Introducing Daeun Global's Product Request Service

Are you looking for a Korean beauty or health product that's not currently available on We've got great news for you! Our new Product Request Service is designed to expand our offerings based on your needs and desires.


How It Works

1. Submit Your Request: Can't find what you're looking for? Simply fill out our easy-to-use product request form on our website.

2. We Review: Our team carefully evaluates each request, considering factors like availability, shipping regulations, and customer demand.

3. We Source and Add: If approved, we'll source the product and add it to our inventory.

4. We Notify You: Once the product is available, we'll let you know it's ready for purchase.

5. You Shop and Save: Enjoy your requested product along with our competitive pricing, thanks to our bulk purchasing power.


Benefits for You

- Access to Hard-to-Find Products: Get the Korean beauty and health products you've been dreaming of.
- Cost Savings: Benefit from our bulk purchasing discounts.
- Convenience: Shop for all your favorite Korean products in one place.
- Influence Our Selection: Help shape our product range to better suit your needs.

What Can You Request?

We focus on:
- Cosmetics and beauty products
- Health-related items
- Products weighing less than 2 kg for easy shipping

Our Process

1. Customer Request: You submit a product request through our website form.
2. Daeun Global Review: We evaluate the feasibility of adding the product.
3. Sourcing: If approved, we source the product from trusted Korean suppliers.
4. Website Update: We add the new product to our online catalog.
5. Customer Notification: We inform you that your requested product is now available.
6. **Purchase**: You can now buy the product directly from our website.

Why Choose Our Product Request Service?
- Tailored to You: We're committed to meeting your specific Korean product needs.
- Quality Assurance: We only source from reputable suppliers to ensure product quality.
- Streamlined Shopping: Avoid the hassle of navigating multiple websites or dealing with international shipping.

Experience the power of customer-driven commerce with Daeun Global's Product Request Service. Start exploring and requesting your favorite Korean products today!