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Brand: Dr.Jart+

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Daeun presents Dr.Jart+ CICAPAIR™ INTENSIVE SOOTHING REPAIR CREAM, a powerful solution for sensitive, irritated skin.

This 1+1 set includes two full-size creams for long-lasting soothing care.

Specific Item Infomation

Brand: Dr.Jart+

Key Benefits:

- Instantly soothes and reduces visible redness

- Rapidly repairs and strengthens skin barrier

- Provides deep hydration and moisturization

- Improves skin resilience to external aggressors

- Suitable for sensitive skin and post-treatment care

Special Features:

- 1+1 Set (two full-size creams)

- Contains advanced Cica Complex with CoolSonic technology

- Formulated with Centella Asiatica Extract, R-Protector, and Allantoin

- Non-sticky, non-greasy texture

- Dermatologist tested

Recommended for:

- Sensitive and irritated skin

- Those with visible redness or compromised skin barrier

- People seeking intensive soothing and repair

- Post-laser or chemical peel skincare

How to Use:

Apply an appropriate amount to face as the last step of your skincare routine. Gently massage in outward motions until fully absorbed. Use morning and night for best results.

Cosmetic function: Soothing, moisturizing, skin barrier repair, redness reduction

Skincare Category: Moisturizers

Skin Type: All skin types, especially Sensitive

Skin Concern: Redness, Sensitivity, Dryness, Compromised skin barrier

Featured Ingredients:

- Centella Asiatica Extract

- R-Protector

- Allantoin

- Peptides

- CoolSonic-derived ingredients

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